Teacher found hanged at home — (The Times and Star)

SSRI Ed note: Threlkeld teacher is depressed when her mum dies, takes medication, hangs herself. She is found by her young daughters. Depression blamed.

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The Times and Star

Published on 26/01/2007

A KESWICK teacher who suffered from depression was found hanging at home by her two young daughters.

Heather Fletcher, 45, died in October last year at her home in Threlkeld.

This week, an inquest heard that she had been suffering from depression for around two years. But husband Stephen Fletcher told the hearing she had been getting better.

Mrs Fletcher, the youngest of four children, had been badly affected by the death of her mother when she was in her 20s.

Mrs Fletcher, and her husband originally lived in London before moving to Keswick and their two daughters, Jessica and Megan, attended the village primary, then Keswick School.

Mr Fletcher, a banker, said his wife was a well-respected teacher, involved in the community and had a lot of friends.

In 2006 his job took him back to London so he began commuting weekly. He knew that she was suffering from depression but said she was getting help and taking medication.

They spent the weekend before her death together as a family and she had seemed happy.

Neighbour Anna-Louise Rothwell saw her that morning and said she did seem a little depressed, though she gave no indication that she was contemplating suicide.

Her psychiatrist had also seen her the previous day and, although she was noticeably more anxious, she did not speak about suicide as she had done previously.

After hearing statements from family, friends and medical professionals, north east Cumbria coroner David Osborne was satisfied that she was depressed. However, as there was no note or any other obvious expression of intent, he recorded an open verdict.