Teacher harassed her former partner — (Asian News U.K.)

SSRI Ed note: Teacher loses boyfriend takes antidepressants, sends abusive, harassing messages to ex.

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A DISTRAUGHT teacher bombarded her former traffic cop boyfriend and his partner with abusive and offensive messages, a court was told.

Homaira Mahwash, aged 46, who has a seven-year-old daughter with the Greater Manchester officer, ‘completely lost it’ for two days and repeatedly sent insulting voice mails and texts.

Mahwash, who works at a Rochdale junior school, also turned up at his Shawforth home, shouting and screaming.

The defendant left a voice message telling him his life would be strewn over the front garden.

He then found lots of photos of himself, taken by the defendant, scattered at his front door as well as a tea-set he had bought which was smashed to pieces, Burnley Magistrates heard.

The court was told the defendant had already received two warnings from the police for text messages sent to the officer and his girlfriend and for writing a letter to a policewoman her former boyfriend was then seeing in 2005.

Mahwash, of Broadhalgh Avenue, Bamford, admitted harassment between 8 and 12 July.

She was given a 12-month conditional discharge, with £75 costs and received a 12-month restraining order, banning her from going within 100 metres of his home in Market Street and from contacting his girlfriend.

Bill Maude, prosecuting, told the court the defendant and her ex had a stormy relationship which ended three years ago.

Their child lived with the defendant and they kept in contact because of that.

Mr Maude added the defendant had no previous convictions and was a teacher but the police had had no alternative but to prosecute her because of past warnings.

Keith Pilkington, defending, said from next week, Mahwash would be acting deputy head at a Rochdale junior school. Pressure of her work may have exacerbated an already difficult situation and she was on anti-depressants.

Her relationship with the officer began 17 years ago.

Mr Pilkington said Mahwash had been surprised to see her ex-partner’s girlfriend at the house as she thought the relationship had ended.

The defendant accepted that for these two days she completely lost it.

She was acting in a way which was totally out of character and her emotions took over.

Mr Pikington added Mahwash knew her behaviour had been totally unacceptable but there were reasons why she lost control.

The defendant, who had been traumatised by the whole experience of appearing in court, was highly thought of within her profession.