Student Found Dead at School — (Local News 8)

SSRI Ed note: Teen put on medication for depression is suicidal, brings gun from home to Snake River School, shoots, kills himself.


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Local News 8

By Abbey Gibb

“It was obvious that by the time we got there he had already taken his life.”

New information tonight surrounding the Snake River High School lock down. We can confirm 16-year old Curtis Kofoed killed himself with a handgun from his family’s home. Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Abbey Gibb sat down with the Bingham County Sheriff today and Abbey what else did he tell you?

Mary it was a long ordeal, lasting nearly eight hours, from the mid afternoon long into the night. But little did Sheriff Johnson and everyone else know, there was nothing that could have been done.

It’s 1:40 on Friday afternoon at Snake River High School. A student has just received a very disturbing text from Curtis Kofoed and tells school administrators.

Bingham County Sheriff Dave Johnson: “We had a student that threatened suicide and he had taken a gun from his home.”

About an hour later 18 sheriff deputies arrive along with two state troopers and nine search and rescue members. Students are in lockdown and the Sheriff can’t help but think of the worst.

Johnson: “You just go through all these scenarios, what if what if?”

Students don’t know there might be a gunman in their school, but are told not to use their cell phones. Meanwhile Sheriff Johnson is facing a possible deadly reality.

Johnson: “All indication was he was still in the school somewhere.”

It’s now 4:00 and classroom by classroom 900 students are being evacuated. This will take two hours. The county school district doesn’t use a mass form of information for the parents who are now frantically waiting outside.

Johnson: “What your doing is giving some of the information but they’re going to imagine all kinds of things as they get to the school to get their child and they’re never gonna feel safe until that child is in their car on their way home.”

But for one family, the Kofoed family, they will never have that luxury. It’s 6:00 now and deputies are reviewing the school surveillance video.

Now at 8:00 Search and Rescue finds Kofoed’s body.

Johnson: “Out away from school, over a six foot chain link fence and out in amongst the trees.”

A few minutes later the Sheriff hears the news.

Johnson: “It’s really a gut wrenching type of feeling. You never want to hear that news come in.”

Koefed has depression problems in the past and sought both therapy and medication for it.