Medicated student attacks teacher — (News Channel 3)

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News Channel 3

Feb 15, 2003

MEMPHIS – A student punches a teacher in the mouth, but the assault charge might not stick. Fifteen year-old Ladarious Guy remains in the custody of juvenile court. He’s scheduled to undergo a round of mental health evaluations.

Guy is charged with punching his 60-year-old female teacher in the mouth on Friday. He’s been expelled from Memphis City Schools.

During Guy’s detention hearing Monday we learned he takes Adderall for hyperactivity and just recently started taking the popular anti-depressant Zoloft. His mother says just one day before the incident happened she learned her son voiced concern about his medicine. “One of the teachers called Thursday to let me know he expressed to her that he believes his medication is making him angry and wants to fight.”

Depending on the results of the mental health exams, charges against Guy could be dropped.