The Huddersfield hearing was told heard that Tara Louise Daniells, of Newsome Avenue, Newsome, a shop assistant at River Island, was found dead at the home of her friend, Keely Morgan, of nearby Towngate, on February 24.

Miss Morgan, 16, a hairdresser, told the inquest in a statement that her parents were on holiday at the time.

She said she had spent the previous evening with her boyfriend, Saqib Khan, Tara and several other friends.

The men bought Smirnoff vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey, which they drank throughout the evening.

She said she argued with her boyfriend and afterwards took some pills belonging to her mother and stepfather. They all went to bed about 2am, she with Mr Khan and Tara in the spare bedroom.

Miss Morgan heard Tara snoring at 8.30am next morning.

She got up at 1.15pm and tried to rouse her, but could not.

She called an ambulance, but paramedics were unable to resuscitate Tara.

Mr Kahn, 19, of Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, said in a statement that he and Miss Morgan had argued on the 23rd. She had threatened to take an overdose and kill herself if he left her.

Then he heard the girls saying words to the effect of: “Let’s take tablets, let’s kill ourselves.”

He saw Tara going through the medicine box and found Miss Morgan with yellow tablets in her hand. He asked her to hand them over.

Dr George Thomas, a pathologist at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, found that a drug overdose was the cause of death.

Alcohol and four therapeutic drugs were found in Tara’s bloodstream.

The two drugs which caused death were Bupropion, commonly known as Zyban – taken to help people give up smoking – and the painkiller Dihydro-codeine.

Levels of both drugs were well above the fatal dose.

Kirklees Coroner Roger Whittaker recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He said he disregarded the possibility that the girls had wanted to take their lives.

He added: “I discount that as drink talk and do not believe there was any intention on either girl’s part for them to take it that far.”