Driver allegedly waves gun, leads citizens on three-county chase — (

SSRI Ed note: Driver on a "cocktail of pain meds and antidepressants" drives recklessly, waves a gun, crashes into a parked car at 60 - 70 mph, wife badly injured.

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11:37 PM EST on Sunday, March 27, 2005


After leading a group of concerned citizens on a chase through Rowan, Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties, a driver allegedly waving a gun crashed into a parked car, police said Sunday.

According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Kenneth Dourin swerved his gold minivan off the road and into a parked Crown Victoria at 60 to 70 miles an hour.

State troopers had received a number of calls about an erratic driver with a gun on Interstate 85 earlier in the afternoon, but didn’t intercept Dourin until after he crashed his car near Mallard Creek Road.

Dourin allegedly told police that he was from New Hampshire and was headed south to see his daughter. He pulled a gun when he was cut off four or five times by another driver.

“You could call it road rage,” said Brian Huffstickler or the highway patrol. “He didn’t cause any accidents. There wasn’t a hit-and-run. We were most concerned about the pointing of the fire arm.”

Dourin was on a cocktail of pain medication and anti-depressants and had no business being behind the wheel, police said.

His wife was asleep in the back seat when he crashed and is still in critical condition. It is unclear whether she will live through the night.

There was also a dog inside the car that survived the crash, troopers said.

Dourin will spend Sunday night in the hospital. He has been charged with reckless driving and driving while impaired. State troopers expect to press further charges once they figure out which county he allegedly pulled the gun in.