More Prozac Suits Claim Suicide Tries — (Fort Wayne Sentinel)

SSRI Ed note: Days after presentation to FDA of clear evidence that Prozac causes suicidality in some people, FDA claims no evidence, dooming lstill growing lawsuits.

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The Fort Wayne Sentinel, IN

September 24, 1991


Three more lawsuits have been filed in federal court charging that Eli Lilly and Co.’s Prozac anti-depressant causes people to attempt suicide.

The suits were filed yesterday three days after a Federal Drug Administration advisory committee said there was no scientific evidence the drug causes such behavior.  A Kentucky attorney filed the suits on behalf of clients in Kansas, Georgia and Connecticut. Each seeks $1 million in compensation, plus punitive damages. ”Clearly the scientific data lead one to the conclusion, as it did the FDA advisory committee last Friday, there is no credible evidence that Prozac or any anti-depressant causes suicidal thoughts or actions,” Lilly spokesman Edward A. West said yesterday.

The plaintiffs are:

* Heather Ollin and her parents, Frank and Julie Ollin of Kansas, who charge that Heather Ollin attempted suicide twice after prescribed Prozac for depression in February 1990.

* Michael R. Simon, a retired Georgia psychiatrist, who charges he attempted suicide after being prescribed Prozac in May 1990 for a spastic colon and depression.

* Arthur Lucas III and his mother, Norma Campolunghi, of Connecticut, who charge Lucas attempted suicide in May 1988 by taking 94 Prozac capsules and suffering a seizure.

Record Number:  9101090961