Tragedy of man found hanging — (The Evening Chronicle)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants tells wife she would be better off without him, commits suicide

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The Evening Chronicle

Jul 12, 2003

A depressed man was found hanging in his garage after telling his wife she’d be better off without him.    Barry Turnbull, 55, an electrical technician, of Park Road, Ashington, died in February. He was found by his wife Norma when she returned from work.

PC Beverley Keers said in evidence at a Bedlington inquest that Mr Turnbull, who had worked at the Alcan Aluminium Smelter plant in Lynemouth, had been suffering from depression for several months.

He had been prescribed anti-depressants by his doctor, but had tried to kill himself with an overdose of tablets and alcohol.

She told coroner Ian McCreath that a few days before his death, Mr and Mrs Turnbull had a discussion about money and during it he said that she would be better off without him.

Mrs Turnbull said in a statement that her husband had been off work because of his depression since last Christmas.

Mr McCreath recorded a verdict of suicide.