Tragic dad’s final phone call to wife before walking into traffic on M62 — (The Hull Daily Mail)

SSRI Ed note: GP prescribes antidepressants for suicidal man, he takes them, later kills himself. Coroner notes "neither drugs or alcohol played a part in his death". Really?

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The Hull Daily Mail

05:30, 11 JAN 2019

By Anna Riley

A man who died after being hit by a car on the M62 made a final phone call to his wife before walking into oncoming traffic.

Steven Mason, 49, had tried to kill himself by crashing his car into a HGV while on the phone to his wife.

Mr Mason survived that initial crash, which happened close to junction 37 of the motorway, near Howden, on April 24 last year.

He then got out of his vehicle and walked onto the westbound carriageway where he was hit by an oncoming car. He died at the scene.

Moments before intentionally crashing his vehicle, Mr Mason, a factory operator, had been on the phone to his wife of 15 years after driving away from the family home in Osgodby, near Selby.

Mr Mason told his wife: “Put the phone down, you won’t like what you hear.”

His wife remained on the line and heard the impact of the crash before the phone went dead.

An inquest into Mr Mason’s death heard his Ford Kuga hit the lorry and careered off the road into an embankment.

Having survived the crash, Mr Mason got out of the vehicle and walked across the carriageway, when he was hit by a Mazda.

The driver of the car told police he did not see Mr Mason as he had been changing lanes. He heard an “almighty bang” and his windscreen shattered before he saw Mr Mason lying in the road.

An air ambulance was called but Mr Mason was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. The road remained closed for eight hours.

The driver of the Mazda was described as being “shaken and distraught” and was later treated for minor injuries.

In the weeks before his death Mr Mason was on bail after being arrested by police. He had not been charged with any offences.

But at an appointment on April 13 he was deemed not to be a threat to himself as he had returned to work and was “staying alive for his son and his wife”.

During the inquest, his wife said: “Steve’s priority was his son, he did everything for him and instilled great qualities in him and did everything he could for his family.”

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Senior Coroner Professor Paul Marks said: “This is a sad and most unfortunate case.

“In this case, the deceased, Steven Peter Mason, born in Sunderland, sadly died after being hit by a car at junction 37 of the M62 westbound.

“He suffered multiple traumatic injuries due to the road traffic accident, and neither drugs or alcohol played a part in his death.”

He went on to say that Mr Mason contacted his GP, expressed thoughts of suicide, was prescribed antidepressants for his depression and given details of the mental health crisis team.

The coroner went on to say: “On April 24 Steven deliberately collided with a HGV on the eastbound side of the M62 and his car came to a rest on the nearside of a drain ditch.

“He then got out of his vehicle and crossed over the motorway to the central reservation to the westbound carriageway, his face expressionless and without looking at the oncoming traffic. He was then hit by a car.

“At the point that he entered the carriageway, collision with a car was inevitable, and was more likely that Mr Mason would see oncoming vehicles than they would see him, and no charges were brought against the driver who hit him.