Tragic end to man, 32, with broken heart — (The Portsmouth News)

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Updated on the 04 September  2009 

An inquest heard how Martin Lewis had been suffering with depression for seven months after his son was taken to Egypt with a former partner, his grandfather died and he had split up with a girlfriend.

 He had been prescribed anti-depressant Citalopram by his GP but his mother Pamela Booth told the inquest she did not think he had been taking it.

She said: ‘He was heartbroken.

‘I saw him go from a nice young man to a shivering wreck and it was not nice because I couldn’t save him.’

Police were called to Thatchers Copse, Titchfield, about 8am on March 17 by dog walkers who found Mr Lewis hanging from a tree. His vehicle was found nearby.

Mrs Booth told the Portsmouth inquest: ‘On the night we had a cup of tea and a chat and at 10pm he said he was going to his friend Kevin’s.

‘He said “Mam I love you and I’m sorry” as he left.

‘He usually texted me but he didn’t and I got worried. I waited up until 4am but as soon as the police phoned me I knew it was (about) my son.

‘He had never tried to harm himself before but I think it was all too much too soon. He thought that no-one loved him.’

Mr Lewis, who was 32 when he died, left eight suicide notes on his bed.

Portsmouth and south-east Hampshire coroner David Horsley recorded a verdict that Mr Lewis had taken his own life while suffering from depression.

He said: ‘From the evidence I have got it is quite clear what the intention was, so I have to record that he has taken his own life while suffering from depression.’