TRAGIC MUM  Beautician, 30, hanged herself after post-natal depression made her wrongly fear social services would take her newborn away — (The Sun)

SSRI Ed note: Happily married, excited but tired new mom given antidepressants develops odd ideas, anxiety increases, she dies by suicide.
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The Sun

A BEAUTICIAN hanged herself after her post-natal depression left her fearing social services would take her newborn from her and her company director husband.

An inquest heard how the Magdalena Honour, 30, had been ”blooming” in the days before her daughter was born but had struggled to cope after the birth.

She was prescribed antidepressants but took her own life last February 24, just seven weeks after her child was born.

The tragic mum was found hanged in her home in Bredbury, near Stockport, Greater Manchester, by her mother-in-law Louise, who thought she had been taking a shower.

At the time Magdalena’s husband Tom, also 30, who runs a powder coating company, was best man at a friend’s wedding.

He was too distressed to attend the inquest.

The couple started dating in 2010 and married six years later.

Polish born Magdalena had met her husband through friends in 2010 and the couple married six years later.

Mrs Honour told the Stockport hearing how Magdalena was an “extremely positive, warm and generous person” who loved her family.

”She was my daughter-in-law and my best friend. She and Tom were so much in love and very close, and both worked very hard to get their first house together.

“She just really loved life and really wanted to have a baby and was over the moon when she became pregnant.”

After the uncomplicated birth on January 6, Magdalena was at first just tired but then became “more anxious and hyper vigilant”.

The former beauty therapist became concerned she wasn’t breastfeeding and “had a look of worry on her face at all times”.

”She did take advice about breast feeding but when she felt she couldn’t go out for Tom’s birthday, that rang alarm bells and she became more dependent on me to be there at the house,” Mrs Honour told the court.

“She stopped communicating with friends and family in Poland and it was out of character for her.”

Eventually she saw a health visitor and was prescribed medication for depression, which made “no change” to her condition and she talked of returning to Poland where she could get help.

”She became persistent about getting a passport for the baby and she needed encouragement to eat and drink,” Mrs Honour said.

The concerned mother-in-law phoned the GP to try to get her an appointment but was told there weren’t any.

“The GP said ‘get her to see me sooner’ but he was dismissive of my concerns,” she said. “I wasn’t listened to.”

The inquest heard on February 18 Magdalena cut her wrist and was referred to a RAID mental health team, who referred her to a psychiatrist but she embarked on a course of ”home treatment.”

Mrs Honour added: ‘”She was concerned she would be taken from her and me and Tom would be in trouble.”

She described the subsequent weekly visit from the health visitor as “grossly inadequate” and described how Magdalena had stopped making sense and became “delusional” when speaking about breast feeding.

Magdalena was given diazepam and tablets to help her sleep but the tragedy occurred the morning after she refused to attend the family friend’s wedding.

Magdalena became overwhelmed after giving birth and developed post natal depression.

Mrs Honour agreed to stay over with her daughter-in-law but on the day of her death became concerned about the length of time Magdalena was spending in the bathroom and used a 5p piece to open the lock from the outside.

GP Robert Beardsell told the hearing he had “no concerns over her harming herself”.

”She was suffering with post partum depression with anxiety known as ‘baby blues’ but I was concerned enough that she needed treatment,” he said.

“I gave her medication to help but she didn’t want to take it because of the breast feeding.”