Open verdict on tree surgeon found hanged in Box Hill — (Surrey Today)

SSRI Ed note: Man taking Effexor is depressed, attempts suicide, one night he drinks too much and hangs himself.

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Surrey Today

Tuesday, November 04, 2008, 11:00

Mystery surrounds the death of a man who was found hanged in his Box Hill home.

Simon Kent was found by his flatmate hanging from the porch of his home in Boxhill Road on May 8, Surrey Coroner’s Court heard.

The inquest, held on October 29, heard how Kent, 40, had a history of depression and had tried to kill himself on a previous occasion.

But the court heard that in the few weeks prior to his death he had been in good spirits and had enjoyed a barbecue with a friend just hours before he was found dead.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Kent’s father Timothy Kent said his son was in good physical health, although his mental health was fragile.

He said on the night of his death at 6.15pm he received an hysterical telephone call from his son who seemed to be drunk.

He said his son told him he had financial troubles and his work as a tree surgeon had dried up.

He said: “He was hysterical, incoherent and speaking in the most extraordinary high-pitched babble which I had never heard him do before.”

His flatmate Simon Akers told the inquest he had lived with Mr Kent for about a year and on the day of his death they had a barbecue and went to bed early.

He awoke at 10pm to let the dog out and opened the front door to find Mr Kent hanging in the porch.

A pathologist’s report confirmed Mr Kent died as a result of hanging and had a reasonably high alcohol level in his blood at the time of his death.

He also had a high level of Venaflaxin, an antidepressant which he was taking regularly.

Returning an open verdict, deputy coroner Dr Karin Englehart told Mr Kent’s family and friends: “I do hope you will be able to remember him for the good times you had together, because undoubtedly there were those, rather than the manner of his death.”