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Thursday, March 19, 1998 5:32 a.m. CT

The Associated Press

Note:  Ann Tracy, Ph.D, Executive Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, confirmed that the gunman was taking Zoloft at the time of the murder-suicide.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Wielding a gun in each hand, a manager at the state employment agency shot an employee to death as she talked on the phone in her cubicle Wednesday, then killed himself.

Investigators gave no motive for the shootings at the headquarters of the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services. A spokesman for the agency, Dave Garick, said he could not immediately confirm broadcast reports that the gunman and the victim had dated.

William Evans, director of business management, shot Shasta S. Dotson, 40-year-old chief of office services, three times, then shot himself in the head. Police found a revolver in his right hand, a semiautomatic in his left.

The shooting occurred on the second floor of a six-story downtown building that houses about 500 accounting, auditing and other employees. The building has security guards but no metal detectors.

Dotson had worked at the agency since 1983, and Evans had been there since 1985. Personnel files that were shown to reporters revealed no history of trouble between the two. Both received excellent evaluations.