Inquest into La Ronge man’s death goes to jury — (CBC News)

SSRI Ed note: Police shoot and kill man, on antidepressants and alcohol, smashing vending machines and pointing a gun.

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CBC News

Last Updated Jun 6 2006 09:01 AM CDT

A coroner’s jury will deliberate on the case of La Ronge man who died in a hail of bullets after smashing vending machines and confronting police with a gun.

Shawn Martinot died with 16 gunshot wounds in August 2004 after his fatal encounter with the police.

Over the past week, the inquest into his death heard the 38-year-old lived and worked at the Northland Hotel in La Ronge and, according to witnesses, had been drinking the day before the incident.

Tests later found traces of an anti-depressant in his bloodstream.

A co-worker testified she became scared when Martinot began smashing vending machines with a sledgehammer. He had a rifle next to him at his table as well.

Police came to the hotel and a 17-hour standoff began. The RCMP used a robot to fire tear gas at Martinot, but he shot and disabled the device. Martinot eventually came into the hallway where police were waiting. He had a gun in his hands and police shot him. He died.

The six-person jury is expected to make recommendations to prevent similar deaths.