Police Beat: Man Claiming Unfair Treatment Pulls Gun In Social Security Office — (The News Tribune)

SSRI Ed note: Vet on antidepressants gets into altercation with officials.

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The News Tribune

September 9, 1994

Author: Anthony K. Albert

A 41-year-old Tacoma man grabbed a security officer’s gun Wednesday when he feared he’d be detained, Tacoma police reported.

Officers arrived about 11:30 a.m. at the Social Security office in the 3000 block of South 40th Street to find the man detained by office workers.

The man, a Vietnam veteran, had argued with a counselor, complaining of unfair treatment, police said. As a security guard approached, the man became more hostile.

The two struggled and fell on the floor. The man pulled a loaded .38-caliber revolver from the guard’s belt. Other office workers helped clear people from the building and detained the man.

He told police he was on medication for depression and was seeking help for his condition. He said he thought the security guard was detaining him for no reason and said he didn’t remember grabbing the gun.

He was booked into Pierce County Jail for reckless endangerment.

(Compiled from reports made to Tacoma police.)
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