Former Spartanburg Co. volunteer firefighter sentenced to 2 years for setting fires — (10WIStv)

SSRI Ed note: Teenage volunteer firefighter on antidepressants sets fires on purpose, perhaps seeking excitement/stimulation.

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Dec. 12, 2003

A former volunteer firefighter in Spartanburg County has been sentenced to two years probation and ordered to receive counseling after admitting setting brush fires.

Christopher Eugene Pettit, 19, of Pauline pleaded guilty to seven felony counts of willfully burning land.

Defense attorney John White Junior says Pettit was taking medication for depression, triggered by the loss of his job and his girlfriend. White says the roadside brush fires Pettit set between December 2002 and January were not malicious and did not endanger human life.

White says Pettit was seeking attention and the camaraderie of other firefighters at the Glenn Springs-Pauline Fire Department when he set the fires.

A witness reported seeing Pettit set a fire and then show up with other firefighters to put it out.

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