Donna A. Gerlinsky, 63, made her first appearance in provincial court Wednesday after being charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving in connection with the incident on May 30.

On that day, children from St. Matthew School on the east side of Saskatoon boarded their bus after classes ended. The drive started normally, but after a while, the driver went off the route.

Police have said witnesses told them the bus was being driven erratically and some children were let out at the wrong stops. No one was hurt and all the children got home safely.

A preliminary hearing date was set for Feb. 26, 2008.

Gerlinsky’s lawyer, Morris Bodnar, said it will be up to the Crown to prove Gerlinsky committed a crime.

“I’m just wondering where these charges are coming from,” Bodnar said outside the courthouse. “Especially from a lady that, I can tell you, the evidence is there was no alcohol involved. None.”

There weren’t any illicit drugs either, according to Bodnar.

As for the possible effects of any prescription drugs, the public will hear the answers if the case gets to trial, he said.

In the event of a trial, Gerlinsky has chosen to face a judge alone, rather than a judge and jury.