Weird suicides usher in New Year — (The Bangkok Post)

SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants jumps from tall building to his death, hits woman as he lands, breaking her back.

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The Bangkok Post

PUBLISHED : 4 JAN 2013 AT 17:26

In Bangkok, a man suffering from depression jumped to his death from a three-storey shopping mall building and a woman standing below was seriously injured when he landed on her.

Police said Police said Komsan Jupamattang, 36, leapt from the top of a shopping mall in Bangkok’s Bangkae district on Thursday. His head was turned around 180 degrees by the impact of his landing.

Just before the man’s body made it to the ground it hit Issariyaporn Pongkaew, 28, who was buying a handbag from a vendor.

Ms Issariyaporn was knocked out and suffered a broken back. She was rushed to Kasemrad Hospital.

Police said Komsan parked his motorcycle in the parking lot on the third floor of the building before he plunged  to his death.

Police suspected the man suffered from depression. They found five packets for anti-depressant medication with his name on them in his clothes.