Why did 12-year-old Katelyn Nichole Davis hang herself on a livestream — (The Daily Haze)

SSRI Ed note: Girl on antidepressants self-harms, suffers from negative thinking, attachment to fictional character, livestreams her suicide by hanging. Depression blamed.

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A disturbing video of a 12-year-old girl committing suicide is going around the Web

  • The girl in the video is believed to be Katelyn Nichole Davis
  • Katelyn had an online diary under the name Dolly
  • A 42 minute long video from the live.me app streamed the girl’s suicide

A truly disturbing video is spreading around the Internet of a 12-year-old known online as “Dolly” hanging herself on a livestream. There is no easy way to write a story like this, but it needs to be done to educate people on how to prevent tragedies like this from occurring.

Dolly’s real name is Katelyn Nichole Davis, a 12-year-old from Polk County, Georgia. Katelyn had an online diary that she was writing in for the last few weeks of her life. The original diary has been removed from the Internet, but the screenshots below show each of her entries.

Diary of a Broken Doll

The diary was titled “Diary of a Broken Doll.” The “Introduction” was written on December 21, and it gives some basic details about the young girl. She states that she would have been 13 on February 20, of this year, and also briefly begins to touch on her issues with depression.

Katelyn writes that she does not like the holidays, but not because she hates “Jesus or anything.” She goes on to say that she is just not a “happy or positive person.” She also warns that if readers feel they may be “triggered” by her diary from her going “too deep,” that they should quit reading immediately.

Ben Drowned

Katelyn’s next entry is on December 22. This post is dedicated to her “love,” Ben Drowned. In the entry, Katelyn talks about attempting to overdose due to not being able to handle the pain of being away from Ben Drowned. In this entry, we get a deeper glimpse into Katelyn’s mental state.

Ben Drowned is a well-known “creepypasta” better known as the “Haunted Majora’s Mask.” The story was created by Alex Hall, who goes by the online name “Jadusable,” and claims that he obtained a haunted copy of the Nintendo 64 game Zelda Majora’s Mask.

According to the story, the game cartridge is supposedly haunted by a boy named Ben who drowned. The game now has a mind of its own and can cause Hall to feel depression as Ben tries to communicate with the living through the haunted Zelda game.

Of course, there is no evidence that a haunted copy of Majora’s Mask exists, but that did not stop the story from going down as one of the most well known creepypastas in the history of the Web. You can read the full, and very long, story behind Ben Drowned by clicking here.

The fact that Katelyn has this relationship with a fictional story gives an idea of where she stood mentally. We have seen similar fascinations with these Internet stories over the years, such as the two teenage girls in Wisconsin who tried to commit murder for the creepypasta figure “Slenderman.”

Poor Environment

In her third entry on December 23, Katelyn goes into detail about her home life. She begins the entry by writing “I finally found my love,” referencing her “relationship” with Ben Drowned.

Katelyn claims that she lives in a “poor environment.” The young girl writess that she does not even have a bed. Instead, it is just an “old rusty mattress” laying on a cold floor. She writes that the floor is always wet, due to a leaky pipe that is connected to her room.

Worst of all, Katelyn claims that there is a “huge hole” in her floor that leads to the outside. The hole allows cold weather to fill her room and mix with the already wet floor causing Katelyn sickness. The picture attached appears to show the leaking pipes that she described.

A Dark Turn

In Katelyn’s fourth entry on December 27, the diary takes a very dark turn as the young girl goes into detail of her family life, in specific her relationship with her stepfather. She writes that she was forced to see her stepfather over Christmas for the “first time in a while.”

Katelyn talks about the physical, mental, and sexual abuse she claims to have experienced at the hands of her stepfather. She goes into some detail about a leather belt with silver studs, writing that he would make sure she was hit by the studs. Katelyn says that he hit her so hard in the arm with his belt that her arm began to bleed. She goes on to say that, “he tried to rape me.”

In a disturbing piece of information, Katelyn states that he once told her to hang herself. She writes that he would call her a “worthless whore.” Perhaps the most disturbing part is that Katelyn claims she is not the only victim of her stepfather, stating that he also touched her siblings.

This fourth diary entry shows a scenario where Child Protection Services should have become involved. If this abuse was happening, surely there were warning signs of what was going on. However, Katelyn would not be the first child that did not have CPS get involved even though they needed to. It is unclear why Katelyn had gone a while without seeing her stepfather.

Sadly, some children do create stories of this nature as a cry for attention, which adds to a huge problem around the country of victims having nowhere to turn. Obviously, a claim as serious as the one Katelyn made cannot be ignored, but at the same time, the stepfather cannot be automatically found guilty without evidence of the abuse.

It is hard not to want to rush to Katelyn’s side and defend her story, but from a logical view, it is unfair to cast judgment on her stepfather without having the necessary evidence. Just days before this diary entry Katelyn was talking about her deep love for a fictional creepypasta character, which shows mental issues were happening with the young girl.

At the same time, her love for Ben Drowned could have been a coping mechanism of sorts. A fictional outlet to escape from the abuse she had sustained where she was able to find the love and attention she so desperately craved in the Ben Drowned character.

The Last Diary Entry

Katelyn’s next and last diary entry was made just 12-hours after her fourth one. The last post is much worse than the previous ones. The picture included shows self-inflicted cuts on her thighs, which in many situations, cutting is a strong indicator that Katelyn was a victim of abuse.

In the entry, Katelyn says that she “enjoys” her depression. She also admits that she is on medication for her depression but “it doesn’t work too well,” which is surprisingly common.

Our country pushes out prescriptions at such a fast rate, and are so quick to try and fix any problem with a pill even though many of the drugs used to help with depression can cause depression. That is why anybody that is treating depression with medication needs to be sure to report any strange side effects to their doctor immediately, especially if it is causing suicidal thoughts.

The diary entry goes on to say that December 27, was the first time Katelyn cut herself in one month, showing she has a history of self-inflicting wounds. She claimed that instead of cutting her wrist like “normal,” on that night she cut her shoulders, above her elbows, and her thighs.

Katelyn says that she is disappointed in herself for cutting again, and says the injuries hurt, but her depression hurts worse. She goes on to say that she wants to hang herself with a cord, or take a knife and slit her throat. At this point, we are watching Katelyn’s depression evolve into a high-risk for suicide.

Perhaps the hardest part of what the young girl wrote is where she says if her mother found out she cut again she would be in “deep shit.” This is a major problem. The worst possible way to react to someone who is self-inflicting wounds is with anger. It seems that Katelyn felt she had nobody to reach out to, and could not talk to anybody about cutting once again out of fear of punishment.

The Video

Just three days after her last diary entry, on December 30, Katelyn’s body was found. The girl was said to have been found outside her home with self-inflicted wounds. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where emergency workers were unable to revive her.

Katelyn livestreamed her entire suicide through live.me. She used the screen name “ITZDolly.” The full video is 42 minutes and 52 seconds long. The first twenty minutes or so are of Katelyn setting everything up to perform the suicide. Katelyn apologizes to multiple people in the video as she is setting up.

At 21:24 you hear Katelyn’s broken and fragile last word, which is simply “Goodbye,” before she kicks the bucket she was standing on out from under her.

Roughly 28 minutes into the video you begin to hear people calling out for Katelyn. You hear “Katelyn” and “Katie” called out multiple times. The voices sound as if they are getting closer, at one point sounding close enough to where they possibly almost discovered her body on camera.

At 29 minutes in, Katelyn’s phone begins to ring over and over. The phone continues to go off multiple times before hearing her name called out one last time at the end of the video.

The Warning Signs

Right now there are people of all ages just like Katelyn all around the country. While it is sadly too late to help Katelyn, her story can be used to help educate people on noticing the warning signs to be able to intervene and prevent tragedies such as this from occurring.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and suicide, reach out to someone you know and love, or you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  [They will fail to tell you the complete truth.  They will omit the fact that antidepressants greatly increase the risk of suicide for children and teens – SSRI Ed.]