Listening to Paxil — (Benicia News)

SSRI Ed note: Woman reports that Paxil has made her husband irrational

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Benicia News

6:18 am PT, Saturday, Apr 5, 2003

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9:11 a.m. A woman from the 500 block of Cambridge Drive reported that her husband was having a breakdown, and she wanted to talk to an officer about her options. Police said she told them that she suspected his condition was due to the Paxil anti-depressant medication he was taking, and she feared that his condition would get worse if he kept taking it. Though he was not showing signs of suicidal thoughts or tendencies, she said, he had recently become irrational and “was just not himself.” She said the medication had been prescribed by a nurse practitioner, not a doctor. She told an officer that she would contact a doctor about the matter, then get back to police and advise them of the situation.