Witnesses describe chaos at Scott County concert where man was killed — (6abc wate.com)

SSRI Ed note: Food truck vendor at concert, on Xanax + antidepressant + alcohol, drives SUV into crowd, injuring many, killing one.

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By Mona Nair

Published: August 6, 2015, 7:00 pm

Tennessee man charged with driving into crowd, killing man at Trace Adkins concert posts bond.  Man charged with driving into crowd, killing man at Scott County concert

HUNTSVILLE (WATE) – Witnesses testified during a preliminary hearing Thursday about what happened during a Trace Adkins concert in Scott County where a man was killed in May.

Billy Carson, a food truck vendor at the event, is accused of terrorizing the crowd by recklessly driving his SUV right into them. He has been charged with homicide in the death of Tony Farrell.

Carson told investigators he had been drinking all evening, then got behind the wheel of his white SUV, terrorizing the crowd.

“He was reversing in and out coming through the crowd. I mean I seen people grabbing their kids. The guy was running over chairs, coolers,” testified Travis Lovett.

“He parted the crowd like Moses parted the Red Sea. That kind of thing,” said Michael Lloyd.

Witnesses helped map out Carson’s path in court Thursday, giving details about what led up to death of Tony Farrell, a former monster truck driver who was in attendance. They say Farrell’s son Ethan was the one who got hit first, and was sent flying through the air.

Several people tried to get Carson to stop, by reaching in through the windows.

“Reach in to grab the keys and shut it off. I reached in, and put my arm on his chest. He looked at me and smiled and put it in reverse,” said Lovett.

That was also when Tony Farrell appeared to have come in defense of his son, eventually getting run over.

“I seen the SUV go up in the in the air two or three feet as it bounced, and I seen Tony rolling out from underneath it,” said Lloyd.

Farrell’s asked for his wife and children in his last words. That description left the Farrell family and many others in the courtroom with tears in their eyes.

Investigators say they found Xanax as well as an antidepressant in Carson’s SUV. The case has now been bound over to the grand jury.