Woman, 30, who was desperate for children killed herself and left a note saying she ‘wanted to be loved’ after a late night row with her partner over starting a family — (The Daily Mail)

SSRI Ed note: Woman being treated for depression, past overdose, drinks alcohol, argues with live-in boyfriend, hangs herself.

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By Hugo Gye for MailOnline

Published: 14:39 GMT, 13 April 2016  | Updated: 15:32 GMT, 13 April 2016

Janice Tucker, 30, had been in a relationship with Paul Martin for 12 years

The couple both wanted children but they rowed about family last year

Mr Martin found his girlfriend hanged in their bedroom the next morning with a suicide note saying she ‘wanted to be loved’

Tragic: Janice Tucker killed herself after arguing with her partner Paul Martin about their future family

A young woman who was keen to become a mother killed herself at home after arguing with her partner about starting their family, an inquest has hear.

Janice Tucker, 30, had been in a relationship with Paul Martin for 12 years, and the couple had often discussed having children.

But one night they had a row about their future plans at their home in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and Miss Tucker went to the bedroom while Mr Martin slept on the sofa.

When he went to check on his girlfriend the next morning, she had hanged herself in the bedroom, leaving a suicide note saying: ‘All I ever wanted to do was live my life and be loved for who I was.’

The inquest at Barrow Town Hall heard yesterday that Mr Martin had been planning to propose to Miss Tucker before her death on the night of May 15 last year.

The couple had been having drinks at a hotel bar where she worked before their argument about their family plans.

Mr Martin told the hearing: ‘I wanted to get something to eat and go to bed but she brought up the conversation of having children.

‘We had already said we were going to have children, we had even picked names. It turned into an argument so I slept on the sofa and Janice went to bed.’

The next morning he found her body and called the emergency services, who declared her dead at the scene and discovered her suicide note.

During the inquest her hotel employers said that the night before her death her behaviour at work was ‘normal and upbeat’.


They added: ‘There was nothing unusual. She was laughing and joking with everybody. This has been a complete and utter shock.’

The hearing was told that Miss Tucker had previously been treated for depression, and had taken an overdose in 2012.

Note: Miss Tucker left a suicide note saying she ‘wanted to be loved for who she was’

Recorded a verdict of suicide, coroner Robert Chapman said: ‘What we know of her last day was that she had been working on the Friday evening at the pub until 8pm.

‘After that she had been joined by Mr Martin. They had a pleasant evening. When they got home they had a bit of an argument over Janice’s wish to have a child. It was something that was preying on her mind.

‘The discussion was such that he decided to sleep on the sofa and Janice went to bed. I am satisfied that she killed herself and it’s clear from the notes that she intended to do so.’

Speaking after the inquest, Miss Tucker’s mother Ingrid Middleton described her daughter as ‘bubbly’ and described her love of singing karaoke.

She said: ‘She was always known as a grinner because she never smiled with her teeth. She was well loved and her family miss her everyday, especially her sisters.

‘The last line she wrote said, “All I ever wanted to do was live my life and be loved for who I was.” I loved her very much for who she was.’