Investigator says death a suicide — (Tahlequah Daily Press)

SSRI Ed note: Older woman, prescribed antidepressant after husband dies, shoots herself.

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Tahlequah Daily Press

Jun 5 2008

A death investigation report by Cherokee County Sheriff’s Investigator Becky Thompson lists suicide as the cause of death for a woman who died last month.

The report states Dorothy Jean Gish, 71, suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the left temple, from a .357 revolver.

Gish’s husband of 50 years died in March from cancer. She had been prescribed anti-depression medication and was struggling to cope, according to a family member. The day of the incident, Gish shot one of her fingers and then called a cousin to tell him of the action. When the cousin arrived at Gish’s residence minutes later, he found her body in the front yard.