Bridezilla’s attack on hubby — (The Sun)

SSRI Ed note: Just-married bride on antidepressants has a drink, becomes agressive and argumentative, assaults new husband, trashes room, is arrested.

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The Sun


July 10, 2007

A BRIDE was arrested at her wedding reception after attacking her new hubby and trashing a hotel room, a court heard today.

Teresa Brown, 33, spent a weekend in the cells after hitting groom Mark Allerton, 40, on the head with her stiletto shoe during an argument as guests partied downstairs.

Staff at Aberdeen’s Hilton Treetops hotel called police after the groom appeared at the reception clutching a bloodstained towel.

When officers arrived they found Brown sitting on the bed in the room, which was strewn with broken glass.

A broken lamp was lying on the floor and wires had been pulled out of sockets in a rampage causing around £500 worth of damage.

Brown was in “quite a distraught state,” the court heard.

She told police she and her husband had “both been accusing each other of different things” and she had only hit him on the head because he had taken a hold of her.

And Brown’s solicitor Stuart Beveridge said the newlyweds had begun throwing things at each other after an argument in their room turned physical.

At Aberdeen Sheriff Court today Brown admitted assaulting her husband and wilfully or recklessly damaging the room.

Brown’s not guilty plea to causing a breach of the peace on the same date was accepted by the Crown.

Mr Beveridge said Brown had been on anti-depressants at the time of the incident and had been drinking.

She is now receiving counselling.

Sheriff James Tierney admonished Brown on the assault charge, explaining, “If they have resolved matters there is no need for the further intervention of the court.”

But Brown was fined £250 for damage to the room and ordered to pay the hotel £500 in compensation.

Brown, a property viewing assistant and Mr Allerton are still together, the court heard.

The couple, of Aberdeen’s Eday Square, were married in April of this year.