Man found his wife hanged, inquest hears — (IOM Today)

SSRI Ed note: Successful Isle of Mann woman has domestic problems, feels down, gets prescription for antidepressants, hangs herself, found by husband. Depression blamed.

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IOM Today

Published Date: 03 November 2008

A PERSONAL banker hanged herself in the rear yard of her home, an inquest heard.  Lorraine Kennedy, 48, of Lower Duke’s Road, Douglas, was found by her husband Robert at around 4pm on October 20.

Mrs Kennedy had left letters to her husband and two children.

Her messages indicated that she had intended to take her own life and she asked for her ashes to be cast over Blyth Beach.

Coroner Michael Moyle recorded a verdict of suicide at Wednesday’s inquest.

The inquest heard how Mr Kennedy frantically tried to cut down his wife and free the ligature from around her neck. He called the emergency services.

Mrs Kennedy had been to see a doctor at Hailwood Medical Centre, Douglas, on October 17. She was tearful and weepy and admitted having some domestic problems. She did not, however, show any suicidal thoughts, the doctor said.

It was felt she was suffering from depression and he prescribed her medication and gave her information on depression.

She was to attend another appointment at the end of October.

A police officer in the case noted Mrs Kennedy had self-harm cuts, which were recent, but not thought to have been caused that day.

Mr Moyle said Mrs Kennedy had been in a depressed and upset state and decided to take her life. The decision, he admitted, would be difficult for the family for many years to come.

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