Warren woman gets jail time for child endangering — (The Vindicator)

SSRI Ed note: Woman takes too many antidepressants, secures her infant's car sear improperly, baby falls out of car while she is driving.

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The Vindicator

CORTLAND ­ A Warren woman whose baby fell out of her car last fall will be in jail until at least Feb. 21.

Michelle M. Wildman, 25, of East Market Street, pleaded no contest in Trumbull County Central District Court and was found guilty of two counts of child endangering, driving under the influence, driving under suspension and misuse of a child restraint.  The woman was on antidepressants when the infant fell.

Judge Thomas Campbell sentenced her Monday to six months in the county jail, fined her a total $250, and placed her on three-years’ probation after serving her jail term.

She also is required to undergo psychological counseling and drug and alcohol evaluation, said Sean O’Brien, an assistant county prosecutor.

Judge Campbell could release her Feb. 21 when he will review the sentence.

A court spokeswoman said Wildman is on probation to Judge Campbell for previous driving violations.

Wildman turned her car into the Wal-Mart parking lot on Elm Road on Oct. 6 when her 3-month-old daughter fell out of the vehicle in her car-seat restraint.

Wildman stopped the car and got out. She was walking around, O’Brien said, when a passer-by took the keys to her car from her. Wildman then walked away.

The prosecutor noted that Wildman hadn’t been drinking, but had taken three antidepressant pills when she was supposed to take one.