Pole allowed home despite assaulting two Gatwick police officers — (This is Essex)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants drinks, gets angry when told she must replace lost train ticket, assaults 3 officials, refuses to be subdued, is charged, fined £805.

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This is Essex

Saturday, January 03, 2009, 07:00

A DRUNKEN economics graduate visiting from Poland avoided jail after assaulting three people including two police officers at Gatwick.

Instead, the weepy 29-year-old blonde was ordered to pay a whopping fine by an understanding judge sitting at Crawley Magistrates Court.

She was also allowed to leave the country the following day to meet her boyfriend in France.

Martha Licati pleaded guilty to assaulting train ticket collector, Michael Sheenan, off duty police officer PC Andrew Davies and PC Paul Boyte, after lunch with friends in Brighton.

The abuse, which included kicking, slapping, pushing and spitting, resulted in Licati being restrained in a wheelchair and wheeled across the airport “snarling and growling”.

Licati said her aggressive behaviour on Sunday December 28, which started when train conductor Mr Sheenan asked her to replace her lost ticket, had been caused by a cocktail of anti-depressants and two large glasses of wine.

Gail Purdy, prosecuting, said: “The ticket collector told the defendant she would have to buy another ticket and the defendant told him to call the police. After some discussion she slapped Mr Sheenan across the cheek.

“PC Davies, an off-duty officer, offered assistance, he showed the defendant his warrant card and when the train pulled in at Gatwick. “PC Davies took her by the arm to remove her from the train and the defendant kicked him at least once and spat at him.”

Licati continued to kick out and spat at PC Boyte who had been called for back up.

Judge Roger Ede said: “Normally for offences of this sort I would impose a prison sentence but I think the best thing is that you leave on the flight tomorrow.”

Licati paid a total of £805 in fines, £100 compensation for each victim, £150 for each crime, £40 prosecution costs and £15 victim surcharge.