Mother waved samurai sword to scare off gang — (Get Surrey)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants and tranquillizers swears, waves sword at teenagers, assaults police officer.

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Get Surrey

Sep 20 2007

A MOTHER who feared for her young daughter’s safety used a samurai sword to scare away a teenage gang before assaulting a policewoman when officers tried to arrest her.

Redhill Magistrates’ Court heard that agoraphobic JulieAnn Elsie, 36, “feared the worst” when she heard voices outside her first-floor flat.

Elsie admitted assaulting the police officer and putting the youths in fear of violence.

Laylah Kessler, prosecuting, told the court Elsie grabbed the 18-inch blade and went to the balcony of her home in Tavey House, North Street, Redhill, before shouting “don’t f****** come round here, clear off the estate.”

She told the court Elsie waved the sword at the four teenagers and shouted “wait ’til I get hold of you” during an altercation on July 24.

The prosecution told the court two of the teenagers claim Elsie then burst out of her house with the sword and chased them across the grass of the estate shouting.

The court heard the teenagers ran home in fear before telling their parents who phoned the police.

The prosecution said Elsie became abusive when officers later tried to arrest her at her home because she wanted to change her clothes.

And after police allowed Elsie to change, the court heard that she flew out of the kitchen and attacked WPC Jessica Golding – punching her in the head.

The prosecution said the WPC tried to turn away to protect herself as Elsie kicked and scratched at her and pulled her hair.

Martin Durnin, defending, told the court Elsie felt the police had not helped her “in the least” with her problems and her three year-old daughter suffered nightmares.

He said Elsie was taking anti-depressants and tranquillisers after suffering several nervous breakdowns and living in a volatile relationship.

The defence told the court the youngsters had been making Elsie’s life hell for months by gathering in large groups and causing trouble.

The court heard that while Elsie admitted waving the sword from the balcony, she did not take it with her on to the street.

The bench of magistrates granted her unconditional bail while another hearing decides whether she took the blade onto the street with her during the altercation.

The chair of the magistrates, Peter Scott, said the court would make an exception and allow Elsie to miss the hearing set for 2pm on October 10.