Lifetime pub ban for drunk attack on PC — (This is Cornwall)

SSRI Ed note: Woman drinks while taking Prozac, causes disturbance, assaults police constable, is charged, banned from Pub for life. Has no memory of events.

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This is Cornwall

Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 13:00

A LIFETIME ban from all pubs in Truro was imposed on a woman who assaulted a police officer.

Melony Hones, 37, of Parklands, Nanpean, was causing trouble outside the city’s Royal British Legion club when PC Lyndsay Fox approached.

Truro magistrates heard she was drunk, and shouting and swearing, and refused to calm down for officers at about 10pm on October 19.

As she struggled against being arrested, she kicked at PC Fox’s legs, hit her in the mouth and pulled out a lock of hair, leaving her bleeding from a head wound.

She later told investigators she could recall little from the night – and nothing of the assault – having taken Prozac anti-depressant tablets with alcohol, according to prosecutor Alison May.

Hones pleaded guilty to assault and being drunk and disorderly.

Mike Gregson, defending, said his client believed her behaviour was “out of character”.

He said he could only attribute it to her worry at the time about an operation her 14-year-old daughter, who she cared for full-time, was due to undergo.

The case was adjourned for a probation report to be drafted before sentencing, but Truro’s Pubwatch members and police imposed the ban for life from pubs.

Sgt Miles Topham, of Truro police, said: “Any violent crime is going to result in such a ban, which can be from three months to lifetime, and in particular if it is against a police officer.

“This goes to show that such behaviour will not be tolerated and the police and Pubwatch take it very seriously and offenders will not just face consequences through the courts.

“If people cannot behave themselves, particularly under the influence of alcohol, they will lose their right to go out in Truro.”

Pubwatch chairman Justin Barnett, from Bunters bar, said: “The whole idea of Pubwatch is to send out the message that if people are going to misbehave in a pub or even in the street and it’s alcohol-related, we’re going to do something about it.

“This is a time of year in particular when people may drink more than they realise and we want everybody to enjoy themselves, but in a sensible way.

“Our members are being responsible by not putting on silly cheap drink offers and ask that our customers be responsible as well.”