Student nurse punched and kneed in head — (Worcester News)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants drinks, assaults two women in car, cannot remember after. Charged.


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Worcester News


1:30pm Wednesday 13th October 2010

By James Connell

A STUDENT nurse returning home from a night out in Worcester was punched several times in the face before being dragged out of her mother’s car, kneed in the head and having clumps of hair torn out.

Zoe Hayes admitted assault when she appeared before magistrates in Worcester.

The court heard how victim Francesca Shellis had been picked up by her mum from Angel Place in Worcester at 1.30am on Sunday, August 1.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said they were forced to stop the car near HSBC bank in Broad Street for Hayes, who was in the middle of the road.

Mr Dodson said a bracelet worn by Hayes hit the car and she was asked by Miss Shellis’s mother not to hit the car. An exchange then followed during which Miss Shellis was punched three times to the left hand side of the face through the open passenger side window.

“She (Hayes) grabbed the front of her hair through the window and pulled her out of the car,” said Mr Dodson.

“Miss Shellis then felt her knee her in the front of the head and the left side of her face. It left her upset as clumps of hair had been pulled from her head.”

He said that Hayes, aged 27, of Rail Ground, Pershore, had been drinking alcohol in combination with anti-depressants and that Miss Shellis had suffered scratches to her left cheek, cuts to the inside of her mouth and lumps on her head following the attack. The attack also placed Hayes, who is a mother-of-three, in breach of a conditional discharge which she also admitted.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said: “She apologies profusely for her behaviour. She has very little memory of what happened on that particular evening, although she does recollect there was some sort of verbal altercation. She cannot be sure with whom.”

Mr Turnbull said Hayes understood from what she remembered that requests for her to move were more “forceful” than simply telling her to get off the road.

He also said she was on strong medication at the time for bipolar disorder and said there were similar, previous matters against his client.

He said: “She feels this diagnosis may explain a lot of her previous behaviour.

She describes her behaviour as ‘appalling’, nothing she is proud of in any way.”

She told magistrates she no longer drank alcohol.

Magistrates released Hayes on conditional bail while a pre-sentence report is being prepared. She will be sentenced on Wednesday, November 10.

Your Worcester News reporter was the only member of the media at court.