‘Christmas miracle’ as missing woman is found alive – buried two feet in snow — (The Daily Mail)

SSRI Ed note: Woman "having trouble adjusting to new antidepressant" drives in blizzard. gets stuck, leaves car, becomes disoriented, found in snowdrift 2 days later.

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The Daily Mail

By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 7:55 PM on 23rd December 2008

A woman who went missing during a blizzard last week has been found alive – buried in two feet of snow.

Rescuers were stunned to find Canadian Donna Molnar still breathing after spending four days outside in freezing temperatures.

Friends of the school secretary, who had been taking medication for depression, described the news as a ‘Christmas miracle’.

Ontario: A woman who went missing during a blizzard has been found alive, buried in two foot of snow, in what friends described as a ‘Christmas miracle’ (file picture)

The 55-year-old, of Ancaster, Ontario, went missing during a violent snowstorm last Friday after her car became lodged in the snow in a wind-swept farm field.

The rescuer, Ray Lau, was trudging through almost knee-high snow when his police search dog Ace took off across the field and then signalled he had found her.

‘When I came up to her she was covered in snow, just her face and her neckline was exposed,’ Mr Lau said. ‘I was surprised she was alive.’

Ms Molnar was found just a few hundred metres away from her vehicle, wearing little more than a winter jacket. Police credited the snow’s insulating effect with keeping her alive.

Staff Sgt Mark Cox Cox said she was in danger of losing some extremities, though is expected to survive.

Family friend Mark Mackesy spent the weekend comforting Ms Molnar’s husband David, 55, and son Matthew, 20.

‘That’s the miracle. That’s a Christmas miracle. Sometimes the good don’t die young. Donna Molnar is an exceptional person,’ Mr Mackesy said.

Her mother-in-law, Annie Molnar, said she had been suffering from depression and having a difficult time adjusting to new medication.

Officers drove Ms Molnar’s husband and son to meet her at Hamilton General Hospital.