Betty Prentice — (1991 FDA Hearings)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac became a zombie, stops drug and has to restrain herself from violence every day.

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Department Of Health And Human Services Public Health Service Food And Drug Administration

FDA Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Hearings

Friday, September 20, 1991

MS. PRENTICE: My name is Betty Prentice.

DR. CASEY: Ms. Prentice  were you here when it was announced you would have five minutes to speak?

MS. PRENTICE: No, I was in the other room, but it won’t take that long.

DR. CASEY: Thank you. Go ahead.

MS. PRENTICE: I’ve been off Prozac and I have to deal every day with not getting a gun or taking a car and running over somebody. My kids, my son, just told me two days ago, “Mom, there are many times that I thought I was going to have to knock you out and restrain you.” My daughter told me, “You were like a zombie.” I was on it four to six months.

Now my doctor, my psychiatrist, in Atlanta would not give me my records. I have finally gotten them, but too late to bring them to show you. Something has to be done and this is just not — this is something that’s real.  My doctor told me it would be fatal. I moved from Atlanta to Sacramento, California. He told me it would be fatal if I went cold turkey and dropped the drug, but I went off of it and I have a pill bottle here to show you. That was my last one, September 3rd in 1989.

I’m telling you right now it’s taking every — every bit of strength that I have to come here and try to tell you that something’s got to be done. I’m not blaming Eli Lilly or the doctor or anybody, but you’ve got to look into this.

Thank you.

DR. CASEY : Thank you.