Woman found in lake, missing three years — (KYTX)

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Posted: Nov 07, 2011 7:07 PM CST

By Michele Reese

VAN ZANDT (KYTX) — A three year old missing person investigation ends with the discovery of a car in a lake, which was found in Martins Mill in Van Zandt county.

The car belonged to 58-year-old Brenda K. Oliver who went missing in July 2008. Her family has been searching for her ever since.

It wasn’t until the lake levels dropped, recently, that her car was found — bringing closure for her family.

“We saw the news about Lake Lovons levels being down so many feet and I looked at my husband and said ‘if they don’t find Brenda this summer we are never going to find her,'” Donna McWilliams, Oliver’s sister said. “Within and hour my telephone was ringing. It’s a sad ending but we do have closure.”

Closure, that came, Saturday afternoon at the private lake in Martin Mills.

“We went out there in the boat and got a good look at it,” Arron Mewbourn, who found the car, said. “The wind was blowing Saturday and you could see the windshield on the front and back of the car.”

Jack Mewbourn also witnessed as the car was being pulled out of the water.

“They busted out the passenger side and we could see someone in it,” he said. “The body was still buckled up, her purse was still in the car.”

Investigators traced the license plate back to Oliver. McWilliams said her sister suffered from depression.

“I think she drove into that lake,” she said. She was the last person to see her alive on July 12, 2008.

“She came out to my house and she was visibly upset,” she said. “My grandson was and I asked her to leave and that’s the last time she was seen.”

Now, three years later, the mystery is uncovered.

“My mother is very ill,” McWilliams said. “She said she prayed everyday to find out what happened to her daughter and her prayers were answered, even though she’s sad about the outcome.”

McWilliams said her sister was taking medication to help her with her depression. Her condition was caused by her son, who committed suicide in Cedar Creek Lake in 2000.

Van Zandt County Constable Pat Jordan was the first investigator on the scene. He said an autopsy has been ordered and there are no signs of foul play.