Former nurse sues GP for up to £100k — (Northampton Chronicle & Echo)

SSRI Ed note: Woman sues G.P. who prescribes her 9 medications for her depression, turning her into a "zombie" for 2 years.

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Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Published Date: 12 July 2008

By Rob Middleton

A former practice nurse, allegedly left in “a zombie-like state” when a disgraced doctor prescribed her nine different drugs, is suing him for up to £100,000 damages.

Solicitors acting for Jacqueline Timson, 46, have issued a High Court writ against Dr Desmin O’Callaghan, who was struck off two years ago for a campaign of hate against a village vicar.

The GP practiced at Park Avenue Medical Practice in Northampton until March 2004. The writ claims he tried to kill himself in Ms Timson’s car and states that during the investigation into the suicide attempt, officers unearthed the harassment campaign against the vicar and Ms Timson’s alleged medical state.

O’Callaghan was eventually struck off by the General Medical Council in June 2006 after he was convicted with his undertaker lover, Ann Draper, for harassment of the Church of England vicar.

Ms Timson, of Glebeland Road, Dallington, is now claiming damages for pain and suffering of between £50,000 and £100,000 she says was caused by the GP, alleging he “put her in a zombie-like state for a period of two years when he prescribed her a cocktail of nine powerful drugs to treat her depression.

“His treatment of her between November 2002 and April 2004 was negligent and in breach of the duty of care he owed her as a registered GP. Her zombie-like state was immediately recognised by the police surgeon who told her the amount of medication she was taking would have killed a person unaccustomed to it,” the writ claims.

O’Callaghan started a campaign of harassment and threats against a vicar, whose identity is protected, when Draper told him they had been having an affair. Abusive letters, pornography, phone, email and text messages were sent to the clergyman over eight months as well as to parishioners, his bishop and to the Chronicle & Echo.

At one stage, the vicar’s car was vandalised while he was performing midnight mass on Christmas Eve 2004, as O’Callaghan left threats on his mobile answering service warning him to be afraid.

In September 2005, the disgraced doctor admitted putting a person in fear of violence, was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment and placed on a three-year rehabilitation order which is due to expire in two months. Draper, who was a partner for Hollowell and Sons funeral directors and admitted harassment, was sentenced to 200 hours’ community service.