Shot struck deputy like a ‘bad bee sting’ — (Greensboro News & Record)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on medication for anxiety and depression "snaps" fires 25 rounds into 4 houses, hits a Deputy in the leg.

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Greensboro News & Record

By Eric J.S. Townsend, Staff Writer

Thursday, February 8, 2007 4:55 pm

 GREENSBORO — The bullet that sliced through a Guilford County deputy’s leg in a shooting this week felt “like a really bad bee sting” but was not enough to keep the sergeant from running for cover.

John Henderson, 36, spoke with reporters Thursday during a news conference a day after being shot in a Jamestown neighborhood while responding to reports of gunfire.

Henderson recalled leaving his cruiser, taking a few steps toward the home of a man reported to have been shot, then fe eling the bullet in his right thigh. At the time, he said, he had no idea from where the shot had originated.

“It’s hard to defend against somebody hiding in a house that wants to take a shot,” said Henderson, a 12-year veteran of the sheriff’s office. “God was looking out for me.”

The woman charged with shooting Henderson and another man made her first court appearance Thursday via a closed-circuit video feed from the Guilford County jail.

Donna Bentley Jones, 51, of 2977 Butterwood Drive, faces two counts each of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and shooting into occupied property, plus other charges.

Authorities have not released a motive for the shootings.

Jones is accused of firing nearly two dozen rounds into four houses, plus the slugs that struck the two men.

In addition to wounding Henderson, authorities allege Jones shot Joseph Adeloye, 24, a man living on the same cul-de-sac in the Brook Run subdivision off Mackay Road. A woman who answered the door at his home Thursday declined to comment on his injuries.

Jones’ bond, already set at $1 million, was increased to $1.25 million by District Judge Tom Jarrell.

Jones requested a public defender to help with the charges, which, if convicted on all counts, could send her to prison for decades.

Her younger brother, Randy Cameron, said Thursday night the woman described by police was not the sister he knows from living with her for the past two years in his Butterwood Drive home.

Cameron said tension among six siblings, exacerbated by the death of their father last fall, led Jones to “snap.”

Combined with a family history of depression and anxiety, for which Jones was taking medication, the pressure may have contributed to paranoia. Cameron said Jones last weekend began talking of e-mails from people she claimed were coming to kill them.

“She doesn’t need to be in a jailhouse, she needs to be somewhere … where she can get medicated and psychiatric help,” Cameron said.

Adeloye, shot in the upper left chest, required surgery after the assault. Officials at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro said Thursday that he remained a patient there but that Adeloye requested his condition not be disclosed.

Henderson was treated at High Point Regional Hospital in the hours after the shooting and released.

Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, Henderson said, but no time line exists on coming back to work.

“It hurts. It’s sore,” he said. “But it’s not as bad as I thought getting shot would be like.”

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