Spaniard goes wild in £2000 church attack — (Edinburgh Evening News)

SSRI Ed note: Journalist on antidepressants drinks alcohol, becomes manic and goes on a destructive rampage in a church.

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Edinburgh Evening News

A SPANISH TV journalist caused £2000 worth of damage when she rampaged through a Roman Catholic cathedral in Edinburgh smashing religious items.

Lucia Rodriguez, 26, smashed a statue of a saint, a vase of flowers and a candlestick while acting bizarrely in St Mary’s Cathedral.

She laughed and shouted wildly as she destroyed the church property at about 5pm, alarming other visitors.

The police were called and she brandished a candle stick at officers when they arrived, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Defence agent Peter Winning said that the journalist, who had been visiting Edinburgh for a week, took medication for depression and an eating disorder. She had been drinking which was not recommended with her medication.

“There seems to have been an episode involving her family in the past which took place within a church,” Mr Winning added. “She now wants to return to Spain and could pay 100 euros per month to recompense the damage.”

Sheriff Isabella McColl said: “This was desecration, destroying property in a place of worship.”

She adjourned the case for a psychiatric assessment.

Rodriguez, staying in Spottiswoode Street with friends, pleaded guilty to breach of the peace.