Does shopping go better with Prozac? — (San Antonio Express-News)


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San Antonio Express-News

December 18, 1996

Author: Susan Yerkes

I may have latched onto the secret of the credit crunch at an innocent Christmas lunch at Paesano’s.   One member of our tight-knit group and his wife had a family crisis recently. (I’ll call them George and Sally , not their real names).

Their son had big problems two years back. Sally was so devastated, she sought professional therapy and began taking Prozac. It helped.   At lunch George announced happily that their son is back to normal, and doing fine.

“Sally said goodbye to her therapist,” George said.  “I suggested she could go off Prozac, but she doesn’t want to.”    “She says,” (here’s the BIG discovery)  “when she takes it, she doesn’t feel guilty about spending a lot of money shopping.”

Next Christmas, look for introductory Prozac-paks in the mail with free credit cards . . . and stand back at the mall!


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