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Published by: Noor Khan

Published: Sun, 17 May 2009 at 22:13 IST

New Delhi, May 17 : A 50-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself in Timarpur area of the national capital today.

Police said the deceased, Omwati, was found hanging in the bathroom of her residence by her daughter at around 3.30 pm.

They said Omawati was under depression following suicide by her youngest daughter Uma five years ago and was undergoing treatment.

“Her daughter, Renu administered her medicine at around 3 pm today after which Omwati went to bathroom. When she didn’t came out after a long time, Renu went in to check her and found her hanging from a rod,” said police.

Police said Omwati was rushed to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital where she was declared brought dead.

Her husband Kaidar Singh, who works as an electrician with the Military Engineering Services (MES), had gone outside for work.

Omwati had one son and four daughters including Uma. Her other three daughters are married and Renu had come to visit her today, police said.

Uma, then 17, had hanged herself in their Timarpur residence five years back. “She (Omwati) could not overcome the tragedy and was under depression since then. She was under medication,” police said.
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