Officer Says Orion Woman Asked Him To Kill Her Husband – Testimony Alleges She Asked Undercover Agent To Make Husband Suffer — (Peoria Journal Star)

SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed Prozac attempts to hire hitman to kill estranged husband, fathr-in-law.

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Peoria Journal Star (IL)

February 10, 1994


CAMBRIDGE — An undercover police officer who posed as a hit man for hire told a Henry County judge Wednesday that an Orion woman wanted him to kill her husband in a manner that would cause him to “suffer a little bit” before he died.

That testimony in Henry County Circuit Court came from Dan Roach, a state police undercover agent, who said he posed as a hitman before Andrea Garey, 22, who wanted both her husband and father- in-law killed.

Garey is charged with two Class X felony counts of solicitation of murder for hire.

Roach testified that he met Garey when state police investigators set up a meeting between the electronically wired agent and Garey on June 16 in an Orion park. There, he said, Garey offered him $5,000 and a percentage of a family-owned business to kill her husband, Daniel Garey III of Lake Geneva, Wis., and her father-in-law, Daniel Garey Jr. of Gainesville, Fla.

In court Wednesday, Henry County State’s Attorney Larry Vandersnick played the more than 30-minute-long taped conversation between Garey and the agent.

On the tape, Garey told Roach she wanted her spouse dead because he physically abused her. Later, when Roach asks how she wanted the job done, Garey said she wanted the deaths to look like accidents, but that she wanted her husband to suffer before he died.

“Do you want me to hurt them before they die? I mean, I can make it real painful if you want,” Roach said on the tape.

“Ah, Dan, I want him hurt before he’s dead. . . . I want him to suffer a little bit,” Garey said on the tape.

Garey also told Roach that she stood to get $25,000 if both Garey men were dead. She offered the agent $5,000 and a percentage of her father-in- law’s small construction company when she received the inheritance, according to the taped conversation.

Garey’s estranged husband testified that he never abused his wife and that she called him the day before the Orion park meeting to tell him an ex- boyfriend had abused her 2- year-old daughter.

“I think she wanted me to do something about it or get in touch with someone who would,” Daniel Garey III said. “It was the first time in months I’d talked to her.”

Public defender Gene Stockton, who is planning an insanity defense, questioned Garey’s husband about his wife’s mental condition. The husband testified that his wife was supposed to take Prozac, but that the medication never helped her, that she didn’t take it regularly, and that she never seemed mentally ill to him.

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