Woman killed herself after years of pain — (The Portsmouth News)

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The Portsmouth News

The inquest at Portsmouth heard that Miss Bowman had become increasingly desperate after being passed between doctors who had been unable to cure her.

The problems had first begun while she studied at university and had been made worse by the stress and anxiety of her studies.  Miss Bowman’s condition worsened later when she went travelling to New Zealand, leading to her losing weight.

Her mother, Lesley, said: ‘She had obviously had a stomach upset while away and as she was having to catch a coach and travelling a lot, she possibly wasn’t eating.’

Mrs Bowman said her daughter’s problems worsened through 2011 and they had become frustrated by her treatment as she was being repeatedly referred between consultants and her GP.   Her illness would lead to painful spasms including an emergency admission for hospital treatment in December that year.

Mrs Bowman said: ‘In the end she was physically and emotionally exhausted with it all.’

Samantha’s father, David, added: ‘She was a clever girl and she did her best to cure herself, she was extremely active to find her own cure, she tried acupuncture and all the alternative therapies.

‘It seems as though they couldn’t pigeon-hole her so she was being bounced around the place.’

Mrs Bowman added: ‘It was the system letting her down.’

The hearing was told that the cause of death was an overdose of Amitriptyline combined with anorexia but a post mortem examination did not reveal any gastric abnormalities.

Recording a verdict that Miss Bowman had committed suicide after becoming depressed, Portsmouth coroner David Horsley said: ‘I am recording a verdict that she took her own life while suffering from depression and that was caused by the physical manifestation of her problems.’