Woman Kills 18 Year Old Female High School Student — (Evansville Courier)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac kills a teenager and hides her body in a rented storage locker.

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Evansville Courier, The (IN)

April 24, 1996

Stephanie Rush talked about getting away with murder because she was on Prozac, a co-worker testified Tuesday in Ms. Rush’s murder trial in the slaying of Dianna Musgrave.  Another co-worker said Ms. Rush also talked about committing the ”perfect murder.” Kevin Pogue recalled a conversation with Ms. Rush in November 1994, two months before Miss Musgrave’s disappearance Jan. 29, 1995. They talked while working at…

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TEEN’S MURDER, Pregnant Woman Sentenced To 30 Years— St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A pregnant woman from Mount Carmel was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison for murdering Dianna Lee Musgrave and hiding her body in a rented storage locker for two months.

Stephanie Rush was convicted April 26 of murdering Musgrave, 18, a senio r at Carmi-White County High School.

“I am truly sorry Dianna is dead, but it was not by my hand,” Rush told Circuit Judge Thomas Sutton.

Rush, 28, is expected to deliver her baby next month. She was married May 17 while in the county jail.

Authorities said Musgrave was killed by a shot to the back of her head on Jan. 29, 1995. Her body was found April 1, 1995, in a storage locker that Rush was renting. Rush was the aunt of Musgrave’s former boyfriend.