Suicide GP ‘frustrated’ at work — (BBC News)

SSRI Ed note: Committed GP takes citalopram & tricyclic, starts to drink and dies by suicide. Husband completely shocked.

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A GP who was “frustrated” at work died after taking an overdose of antidepressants and alcohol, an inquest in Cheshire found.

Dr Janet Wreglesworth, 43, a doctor in Chadderton, Oldham, committed suicide at the family home in Warrington.

Her husband Brian said there was “no indication of anything wrong” before her death, but said she was not enjoying part of her job.

Mr Wreglesworth later said he was “shocked” by the suicide verdict.

His wife was a GP at the Block Lane surgery, which had spent more than two years trying to find a new doctor to buy into the practice and a new practice manager.

Mr Wreglesworth told the inquest, at Cheshire Coroner’s Court in Warrington, that his wife did not enjoy the business side of her work.
[]   I’m shocked. None of it makes any sense [] Brian Wreglesworth

He said she often did not return home until very late at night after interviews for the jobs.

“She seemed frustrated at the slow process. She couldn’t understand why other people couldn’t be as committed,” he said.

“She didn’t like running the business side of things and she didn’t like the interviewing process because she wanted to be a doctor – the thing that she was good at.”

Mr Wreglesworth, 45, said when he last saw his wife they discussed finding a hotel for a Paris break they had booked.

“I kissed her goodbye. There was no indication of anything wrong.”

Mr Wreglesworth found his wife’s body when he got home from work on 19 February.

Tests found she had high concentrations of the antidepressant dosulepin and alcohol in her body.

‘Absolutely devoted’

Dr Wreglesworth had also taken the drug citalopram, which she had been prescribed to treat depression, and paracetamol.

She had previously been treated for depression and had been drinking more, her husband said.

Cheshire coroner Dr Geoffrey Roberts recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Wreglesworth said after the hearing: “I’m shocked. It never occurred to me.

“None of it makes any sense. We’d just booked a holiday.

“She was adored by her patients. She was so kind and caring. Everything was perfectly normal.”