Climbing Out of Hell – Getting misdiagnosed with having a mental disorder — (Press-World)

SSRI Ed note: Side-effects of Zoloft withdrawal mistaken for bipolar disorder, drugged. Mum of victim writes a book.

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Michelle Oberne did not know she was experiencing stress related to her academic and social life. Michelle was given Zoloft by a primary provider. Upon learning the side effects, she went off the medication without the appropriate interventions. Unaware of the withdrawal effects, Michelle convinced herself she had bipolar disorder and was placed on another prescriptive drug. When she began to hear voices caused by mix-up with the medication, Michelle panicked and so did her family.

It was a daily struggle for Michelle and her family. Fortunately, Michelle’s mother, Sharon Oberne, was able to aid her daughter through the use of natural methods and climb out of hell.

The book, “From Hell to Heaven: Is It Bipolar Disorder or Something Else?” provides the true account of someone facing their darkest demons created by withdrawal effects from prescriptive drugs and be able to rebuild one’s life.