Tragedy of taunted mum — (The Doncaster Star)

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The Doncaster Star

Published on Thursday 8 September 2011 07:01

A HOUSEWIFE who was taunted for piling on the pounds following a hysterectomy died after an overdose, an inquest heard.

Mother-of-three Tammy Louise French had been taking prescribed drugs for depression for years but had been feeling better, said her husband, Darren.

He told the Doncaster hearing: “She was alright. She was getting better but she didn’t want to leave the house. She was living on the laptop.”

Asked by coroner Nicola Mundy if anything was troubling her, he replied: “People were going on about her weight, which used to upset her. She had put on a lot of weight after her hysterectomy about three years previously.”

The inquest heard that, two months before her death, Mrs French, of Chester Road, Wheatley, took an overdose of tablets mixed with lager.

But she told her husband what she had done, and doctors saved her.

Mrs French had been treated by her GP since 1998 for depression and asthma, but from 2007 began self-harming, became housebound and did not even want to see her mother.

On one occasion Mr French forced the toilet door and found his wife trying to cut herself. He took the knife, calmed her down, and after she told him she had taken tablets he dialled the emergency services.

She didn’t talk about why she did it but he said: “She told me she would never do it again.”

On September 18 his wife drank eight or nine pints of lager before going to bed, where Mr French found her dead the next day. Two empty bottles of pills were found nearby and the combination of the drugs would have led to a cardiac arrest or a seizure, said the pathology report.

Recording an open verdict, Ms Mundy said it was clear Mrs French took an overdose but said she could not be wholly satisfied it was a deliberate act or a ‘cry for help’.