Woman who poisoned husband jailed — (BBC News)

SSRI Ed note: Woman who once poisoned her 6-yr-old with antidepressants puts these and rat poison in husband's spaghetti. He lives, she gets 5 years.

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A conwoman who tried to poison her husband with rat killer and anti-depressant tablets has been jailed by a judge at York Crown Court.

Heather Mook, 58, of Heslington Road, York, will be detained for at least five years as a result of the judge giving her an indeterminate sentence.

Mook gave her fourth husband, John, the poison to confuse him as she fleeced his mother out of £43,000.

The judge said she was being jailed for the protection of the public.

The court heard that as part of her ploy to confuse her husband she mixed rat poison with his spaghetti as she set about stealing his mother’s life savings, money earmarked for her care.

[] []  I think she needs some serious help and I hope she gets it []  John Mook

She was convicted in December of two counts of poisoning so as to endanger life.

Speaking after the case, her husband John Mook, who has recovered from the poisoning, said his wife needed treatment – not just prison.

Standing on the court steps he said: “I think she needs some serious help and I hope she gets it.”

During the court case the jury heard details of her life of lies and deception. In 1982, she poisoned her six-year-old daughter with anti-depressants.

She had stolen money and jewellery from a previous husband, and later pretended to be terminally ill in order to gain money.

The judge described her as a “dangerous woman”.