Iowa Woman Accused of Drugging Salsa — (

SSRI Ed note: Woman puts her Trazodone in a salsa dip, making her friend sick. Authorities recognize that Trazodone is a "harmful substance" under these circumstances.

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Oct 15, 2007

WEST UNION, Iowa (AP) ­ Charges have been filed against a northeast Iowa woman accused of doctoring a salsa dip with her prescription drug that made another person ill.

Jayden Schwickerath, 18, of New Hampton, was arrested on Friday and charged with a felony count of administering a harmful substance, the Fayette County sheriff’s office said Monday.

She allegedly put an antidepressant into a salsa-cheese dip at a home in rural West Union on Sept. 22, Chief Deputy James Davis said.

Davis said one person became ill, but didn’t seek medical attention. The person reported it three days later, he said.

Davis said officials are waiting for the state crime lab to confirm the drug.

Schwickerath was released from jail on Saturday.

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Jayden Schwickerath, 18, of New Hampton, was arrested Friday. Authorities charged her with administering a harmful substance, a Class D felony.

Schwickerath allegedly put Trazodone, a drug used to treat anxiety and depression, in the dip Sept. 22, according to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department. The incident happened at a home in rural West Union, Chief Deputy James Davis said.north am

The sheriff’s office did not release the man’s name but said he did not seek medical attention, though the man did become ill. The person reported the incident three days later, Davis said.

West Union police arrested Schwickerath after a warrant was issued. She was released Saturday from the Fayette County Jail after posting a $7,500 bond pending her initial appearance before a magistrate.

A conviction for administering a harmful substance is punishable by up to five years in prison.