Woman Reports to Police That Her Boyfriend Was Self-Harming

Paragraph 10 reads:  "May 20

"4:00 a.m. A woman on Valley St. reported that her boyfriend had taken some anti-depressants and had followed that by a stint of heavy drinking. When the woman called police she said that the man was in the process of causing bodily harm to himself. Police and medical units arrived and transported the man to Westchester Medical Center."


Police & Fire

Police Beat – Sleepy Hollow – 5/23/2010

The Sleepy Hollow Police Department reported the following incidents:

May 23

2:52 p.m. A caller reported that a black cow was blocking traffic on Bedford Rd. Police headed to the scene and found that the cow belonged to the Stone Barns Center. Staff were in the middle of trying to coax the animal off the road.

10:43 a.m. Police received a call from a mother near 55 College Ave. who said that her child had fallen and was now bleeding from the lip. The child was in a stroller and moving around when the stroller became unbalanced and fell over, causing the infant to be injured. The child was taken by the ambulance corps to Westchester Medical Center, the mother rode along with her child.

6:58 a.m. Police pulled over a driver on Valley St. for making a illegal turn on red at N Washington St. and Chestnut St. A background check revealed the driver had a suspended license. The man was placed under arrest and his car was impounded.

May 22

12:22 a.m. A caller on Andrews Ln. reported that children in the area were playing kickball and making too much noise. Police made contact with the four children playing and advised them to keep the noise down.

May 21

1:50 p.m. A caller on New Broadway reported that she found a suspicious bag on her property. Police went to the home and recovered a bag apparently filled with marijuana that was located between some shrubs and a metal iron gate. The bag was taken as evidence.

1:44 p.m. A Farrington Ave. resident arrived in police headquarters to report that she was receiving harassing emails from her ex-husband. The man was apparently posting the messages on a website that was set up to schedule the joint custody of their children. The incident was noted for the record.

11:09 a.m. Police made a traffic stop near the Warner Library and ended up arresting a man for having a suspended registration due to an insurance lapse. The man's vehicle was towed.

8:42 a.m. A caller reported that he was sitting on Beekman Ave. when an acquaintance walked up to him and stated, "You f***, you owe me money." The statement was in reference to a bill the two men were contesting. The caller wanted the incident noted.

1:23 a.m. A male was caught throwing rocks at the window of a residence on N Washington St. The man apparently wanted to see his ex-girlfriend, but the woman's mother was the one who heard the rocks and decided to call police instead. Police tried to search for the man, but could not find him. The young woman and her mother went into police headquarters where the mother obtained a temporary order of protection, while her daughter refused to participate saying she didn't want the order of protection and didn't ever file a complaint about the incident.

May 20

4:00 a.m. A woman on Valley St. reported that her boyfriend had taken some anti-depressants and had followed that by a stint of heavy drinking. When the woman called police she said that the man was in the process of causing bodily harm to himself. Police and medical units arrived and transported the man to Westchester Medical Center.

12:01 a.m. A caller on Lakeview Dr. reported that there was some kind of suspicious noise coming from individuals near the lake in the Manors. However, The woman called again to   report that the individuals were leaving.

May 19

4:10 p.m. An automobile accident was reported on Pocantico St. One driver struck another car's rear passenger quarter panel while it made a left turn on to Pocantico St. No injuries were reported and an accident report was completed.

2:23 p.m. A woman went to the Chase Bank in Tarrytown to open an account for her son, and was shocked to find that three already existed under his name. The woman told police that she opened one of the accounts, but the other two, listed as business accounts, had been opened in her son's name using his social security number. The bank would not release details regarding who opened the account. The woman told police she suspected her son's father was the culprit.

May 18

4:29 p.m. A woman at 95 Beekman Ave. called police to report that a male resident of the apartment complex was acting strangely. The woman observed the man walking slowly in the courtyard while there was a heavy rain. Officers were unable to locate the individual and the caller could not indicate where the man lived.

7:43 a.m. A woman from Cedar St. arrived in police headquarters to request an order of protection against the father of her child. The woman said the man had struck her earlier in the morning, and she wanted to press charges. Police attempted to locate the man at his place of employment. No further information was provided.

May 17

11:38 a.m. A caller from the Jazz Foundation reported that she had not heard from her Sleepy Hollw-based client in over three days. The caller stated that it was unusual for the man not to respond to her calls and wished that police would make a welfare check. Police could find no one home at the man's home, but discovered that the man had been moved to a nursing home. The caller was notified.

8:08 a.m. Harassment was reported in the ICU of Phelps Memorial Hospital. A 911 caller stated that a doctor had attempted to strangle her husband who was in the ICU unit on the fifth floor. Police arrived an conducted multiple interviews and discovered that there was a patient/doctor argument. The wife had wanted to take her husband home early against the recommendations of his doctor. When the doctor told the wife this, her bed-ridden husband became upset at the tone the doctor used and began to yell at the doctor.  The patient became physical and the doctor restrained him by pushing the patient's arms against his chest so he could not hurt himself or others. The man then spit on the doctor's face. At that time the wife called 911. When police arrived things had calmed down. No one wanted to press charges. The doctor said he would continue to treat his patient, but opted to move him to a different unit with different care staff.

4:39 a.m. An employee of the BP gas station called police to report that there was a woman in labor in the parking lot. The woman said she didn't need an ambulance, but needed assistance getting to the hospital. Police arrived and escorted the male and female couple to Phelps where she had her baby.

Note: Police Beat is in no way a complete summary of all Sleepy Hollow Police activities and responses during the listed dates.