Depressed housewife shot herself, Coroner finds — (The Hunts Post)

SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed fluoxetine (Prozac) for depression by GP, tells GP that if she gets access to gun cabinet she will shoot herself, then does.

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The Hunts Post

17:13 – 23 October 2008

A DEPRESSED 45-year-old Woodhurst housewife shot herself, a Coroner decided in Huntingdon on Thursday.

It was possible that one of two gun cases at her home in Moot Way had been left insecure, the inquest into the death of Elizabeth Glover in June was told. She died four days later in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Home Office pathologist Dr Nat Cary told the Coroner, David Morris, that the injuries to her neck and the left side of her face were consistent with having been self-inflicted.

When police arrived at the house after being called by the ambulance service, Mrs Glover’s husband’s brother, Colin, produced a spent blue shotgun cartridge that he said he had taken from the gun.

He told police that, after a brief conversation earlier, she had returned to her bedroom, and he had gone outside. When he returned, he heard her moaning and injured. When ambulance staff arrived, they found a shotgun in her room, Det Insp Simon Harding told the Coroner.

Her husband Paul had told police that, when he had left for work as a lorry driver at 5.30am, she had been asleep downstairs on a sofa.

DI Harding had said a neighbour had a visit from a drunk Mrs Glover the previous evening, when she had described an incident that had occurred at her house. “That incident is currently before the Crown Court,” he added.

The Coroner said Mrs Glover’s GP, Dr Rachel Sutcliffe, had been treating her for clinical depression and had prescribed fluoxetine, a generic anti-depressant. “She had difficulty accepting her husband’s brother living with them,” the GP told Mr Morris. She had said quite casually that, if she got access to the gun cabinet, she would shoot herself, the doctor added.

But she had talked about her very supportive daughter and friend, and had failed to keep follow-up appointments.

It was not clear whether she was still taking her medication at the time of her death, Mr Morris said.

He recorded a verdict that she had taken her own life while suffering from a depressive illness.