Woman sentenced to time served — (Whig-Standard)

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The Whig-Standard

Monday, October 3, 2011

A woman who claims not to recall stealing a bottle of anti-nausea pills will spend no more time in jail.

Kathy A. Phillips, 50, was credited with eight days of pretrial custody and sentenced to time served after she was convicted in Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice of stealing the medication and one Band-Aid, as well as violating a probation order she received last November that required her to keep the peace.

Defence lawyer Douglas Caldwell told Justice J. F. Reginald Levesque that Phillips suffers from depression and was experiencing adverse effects from a newly prescribed medication when she committed the theft in August.

Assistant Crown attorney Janet O’Brien said Phillips was observed in Shoppers Drug Mart opening the container of pills, pouring them into a tissue and then discarding the packaging.

She then opened a box of Band-Aids, according to O’Brien, removed one, stuck it on herself and attempted to leave.

Phillips told the judge she only vaguely remembers doing those things