Anti-depressants, alcohol found in suicidal woman killed by police—(Arizona Daily Star)

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Arizona Daily Star

By Alexis Huicochea arizona  | Published: 06.04.2009

A woman who was shot and killed by police after she reportedly drew a gun on officers had alcohol and anti-depressant medication in her system, a toxicology report shows.
Family members called police to the home of Joanna Lee Smith, 57, on May 2 after she sent text messages telling them goodbye.
Officers responded to the home and tried to contact Smith, who refused to open the door and told them to go away, Tucson police said at the time.
Shortly thereafter, police heard a gunshot from the home and began trying to contact Smith by phone, knocking on the door and through a public-address system to no avail.
Officers began breaking windows to look in and check on Smith, at which point they saw Smith pointing a gun through the window. Officer Daniel Spencer then shot Smith with his patrol rifle.
In addition to the alcohol and anti-depressant medication, Smith had Alprazolam in her system ­ a medication used to treat panic disorders and anxiety.